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The Higher Education Bubble is Bursting

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The air leaking out of the higher education bubble has just increased from a faint whisper to an audible hiss.

Yesterday, the American Council of Education announced it will begin offering college credit for five different MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

This is significant because what makes MOOCs so unique is that they are offered online–often from some the world’s top universities (e.g. MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc.)–for free.

Initially, receiving credit will still require the student to pay a small fee (likely $89) in order to take the final “credentially” exam but, when compared to the antibiotics cost for a college class, this will be a veritable bargain.

As ever more MOOCs are certified, the cost of receiving a quality education will plummet.

I have said it before but it bears saying again: In the near future, it will matter less “where” you obtained your college degree. What will matter is your ability to demonstrate your knowledge! And, if you obtained that knowledge online for free all the more power to you.

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