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Unlearning Requires Flip Flopping

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Pink_flip_flop Dan Pink has a wonderful article on the power of "flip thinking." I have long been an advocate of turning problems into opportunities but Pink's article takes the idea a step further and provides some wonderful examples.

For example, he cites a high school teacher who now makes his students watch his lectures on YouTube at home during the evening and then uses the classroom time to help them with their homework. This allows his students to stop and rewind his lectures whenever necessary, and allows him to help them where they most need it. (If you have ever struggled with a homework assignment late at night, you might appreciate this innovative approach.)

Pink also encourages authors to try releasing a book in e-book format first and then print a hard cover version later. He also cites an example of a company which has thrown tradition out the window and now throws parties for new employees instead of the much more common practice of throwing "going away" parties.

If you have any other examples of flip thinking, I'd love to hear them. Until then … keep flip-flopping away.

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