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The Future of Biofuels

Posted in Agriculture, Biofuels, Energy, Genomics

The scope of what you can do is expanding as the cost of sequencing is dropping like a rock.”

The above quotation is from Andrew Paterson who led the sorghum sequencing project.

Sorghum might not sound all that exciting but it is the number two biofuel crop in America after corn. If sorghum can be genetically manipulated to produce more sugar — and it looks like it can and will be — that sugar, in turn, could be converted into more cost-effective ethanol.

As I said recently at my keynote presentation to BioFibe 2011 in Winnipeg, Canada, the world of genomics has the potential to radically transform the face of agriculture and energy in the near future.

P.S. Genomics will also do the same to the future of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industries.

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