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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 15:” July 19, 2019

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Think: The Top Ten Emerging Technologies. Bioplastics, social robots, smart fertilizers … there is a lot for every business leader to think about in this informative article.

Think Twice: The Convergence of Science and Technology–Reimagining the Future.  Think Twice–the main visual in this article suggests we’re all on Thin Ice! 

Think Historically: On the eve of the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon, here’s something to think about: Your iPhone Could Make 120 Million Apollo Moon Landings.

Think Different: The Paradox of Connection. Learn how “opportunity-based” narratives can help you and your organization think differently–and more positively–about the future.

Think Smarter: Narratives to Drive Exponential Learning. Sharing existing knowledge is good. Creating new knowledge is better!

Think Harder: To Really “Disrupt,” Tech Needs to Listen to Actual Researchers

Think Pragmatically: Pragmatic Pathways and Scaling Edges for Market Transformation. Want to think pragmatically about how to scale transformation? Read this article.

Think in Questions: Here’s always a good question to ask: Who can I learn from today? One answer can be found in this article, The Wisdom of Charles Handy.

Think 10X: Want to know why the future is accelerating? Our tools are getting not just 10X faster but 1000X faster! Intel’s New AI Chips Can Crunch Data 1,000 Times Faster Than Normal Ones

Think Bigger: Cargo Shipper Maersk Bets Big On Zero Carbon. This trend is going to get big, fast. The time to think about how soon you can get to zero carbon is now.

Think Faster: A New Way to Grow Crops in Marginal Soils Could Help Feed the World

Think Radically: The Biggest Change in Oil Market History is Six Months Away. A fundamentally new type of fuel will be mandated beginning in 2020. Shippers and refiners alike will be affected, but so will a number of other industries.

Think Anew: The Man Who’s Going to Save Your Grocery Store. To survive, grocers and retailers need to think anew. This article can help.

Think Sustainably: Why the Climate Change Message Isn’t Working. Stop trying to educate the mind. Instead, inspire the heart!

Think the Unthinkable: Elon Musk Unveils Neuralink’s Plans for Brain-Reading “Threads”. Human symbiosis with artificial intelligence? It’s closer than you may think.

Want to think again? You can always revisit last week’s “Future 15”.

Until next week: Don’t stop thinking about the future! But also never forget “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting“! 


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