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Create Thy Future, Mr. Futurist

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6a9ee2f65a2a605cb67cc263687b387dAs a professional futurist, I frequently end my talks with the rather obvious reminder that no one can predict the future. I then twist this fact by flashing Peter Drucker’s famous quotation: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

I love this idea of creating the future because it is empowering, optimistic and action-oriented. But, above all, it is true!

As satisfying and rewarding as my career has been to date, I have found myself growing unsatisfied. The source of my dissatisfaction stems from the fact that I have not been following my own advice. In this sense, I’m like a fair number of business consultants in that I can “talk the talk” but I don’t necessarily “walk the walk”.

I am telling you this because I now intend to occasionally use this website and my blog to pitch, push and pursue ideas that I believe can create a better future—a future that is filled with laughter, compassion, inspiration and activism.

To this end, in the coming days, weeks and months I will be writing about various projects I hope to give breath to. Without going into detail on any one project—and mainly to hold myself accountable for following through on my words—I intend to start small by creating a New Yorker cartoon that makes people laugh and see the world in a new light. Next, I will address the issue of income inequality in America with a modest initiative. Third, I intend to plant the seed of an idea in the minds of my fellow Minnesotans that I believe can positively redefine this region. Finally, and most aggressively, I want to help bring back one billion butterflies to North America.

Stay tuned.


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