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Futurist Jack Uldrich’s Predictions for 2015

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2012-predictions(Editorial note: The “predictions” are not to be taken literally. Rather, each is reflective of a broader technological trend that will impact and influence the year ahead).

  1. The New Tesla “Bug.” In January, Tesla’s stock will plunge 23 percent on news that an undisclosed number of its new SUV’s were hacked during rush hour. The stalled autos will cause a massive traffic jam south of San Francisco before Tesla software engineers are finally able to design and deliver a patch rendering the bug harmless.
  2. 1404435713839Face It: You’re Going to Die. In Switzerland, a leading insurance company will be widely condemned after it is revealed that the company was secretly using facial recognition technology to accurately determine the life expectancy of clients. Clients with longer-than-average life expectancies were being denied coverage. Shortly thereafter legislation will be introduced prohibiting the practice.
  3. I Can’t Believe It’s Not … Meat. Using IBM’s new “cognitive computing” application Chef Watson and nothing but artificial meats, faux cheeses and fake eggs, an amateur cook will beat three chefs from Michelin-rated restaurants to win the first annual California Vegan Burger contest.
  4. It’s a 3D World After All. In April, following a devastating earthquake in southern China, the Chinese government will agree to purchase one thousand of WinSun’s 3D-printed houses. The homes, which retail for $1500, will be printed and occupied less than a week after the earthquake.
  5. Wired to Study (and Party)—Literally. Red-Bull and other super-caffeinated drinks will become passé on many college campuses after a video goes viral demonstrating how a smartphone and a cheap set of electrodes can be used to deliver electric stimulation which mimics the energizing effect of a single can of Red Bull. Within days, other students will figure out how to tweak the electrodes in order to induce a “calming” effect that is the equivalent of drinking two beers. While scientists are still worried about the prolonged effects of such simulation on the human brain, this concern has done nothing to stop the craze on college campuses.
  6. The Holo-Olympics. In June, NBC will announce plans to televise portions of the 2018 Winter Olympics, including the opening ceremonies and the snowboarding competition, in a holographic-compatible format. Viewers with the latest technology—such as Amazon’s Fire Phone—will be able to watch their favorite snowboarders now perform from multiple angles. Interestingly, the new technology, which will be used by judges to more fully evaluate snowboarder’s jumps, will also change the types of routines the athletes perform in the 2018 Olympics.
  7. Technology: A Double-Edged … Bullet. In August, foreign media will report that the U.S. military has successfully assassinated a leading ISIS operative using a self-guided bullet. That same day, in a story receiving significantly less attention, Army doctors will place a seriously wounded U.S. soldier in “suspended animation” by draining his blood and replacing it with a saline solution. The procedure will stop all cellular activity and will be instrumental to his survival.
  8. mi4-gecko-glove*304Real People with Real Super Hero Abilities. In October, a NYC fireman, unable to wait for a fire truck to arrive on the scene, will don a pair of “gecko gloves” and scale an all glass building in a successful effort to rescue a mother and daughter from their smoke-filled fourth floor apartment. Later that same month, a 62 year-old female nurse, who happened to be wearing a robotic exoskeleton as she assisted patients in and out of bed, will lift a 350-pound cabinet off a co-worker after he was pinned by the cabinet in a freak accident.
  9. Drones of Mercy. Following a typhoon in the Philippines in November, a self-organized group calling itself “Drones without Borders” will use thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver life-saving medical supplies to stranded victims on the country’s remote islands. The operation will catch the attention of U.S. lawmakers who will use its success to press the FAA to loosen its restrictions on drone technology in the United States.
  10. Virtual Reality Creates Real Profits. Fueled in large part by the immense popularity of Sniper, a new “mind-bending” 360-degree documentary movie created specifically for virtual reality (VR) wearable technology, Oculus Rift and Samsung’s VR headwear will become the must-have item of the 2015 Holiday season. Normally retailing for $399, sets will list for as much as $2500 the weekend before Christmas.

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