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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 15:” March 20, 2020

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Editor’s note: Like many other people, the pandemic threw my life into chaos this week. This week’s post will be short, but I have a favor to ask. Prior to the outbreak, a colleague and I were on the verge of signing a contract to write a new book entitled “Generation Re: The Age of Re-imagination, Re-invention, and Re-connection.” We still intend to write the book but in light of the world’s rapidly changing situation, we have made a decision to pivot and now intend to write a slightly different book tentatively entitled “The Great Reset: The Age of Re-imagination, Re-invention, and Re-connection.

Here is my request: I would like your help in finding individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations who are using the pandemic to:

  1. Reimagine the future
  2. Reframe paradigms
  3. Reexamine assumptions
  4. Relearn ancient truths
  5. Redesign products or services
  6. Reinvent themselves or their businesses
  7. Recreate services
  8. Reignite hope and optimism
  9. Reconnect with people or nature in unique ways, or
  10. Just hit a giant “reset” button in a way the rehumanizes, refreshes, renews, reforms, reboots, and regenerates the world.

If you know of any such businesses, I’d love to hear their stories. As leaders, we must all do a lot of rethinking these days. (Please send any links, stories, or ideas to me directly at [email protected]). Thank You!


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