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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 15:” November 1, 2019

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Think: This article will give you plenty to think about: The Most Futurist Developments We Can Expect In The Next 10 Years.

Think Twice: To my clients in the real estate industry, it is time to think twiceyou may be on thin ice: Investors Are Pouring Billions into Proptech.

Think Humbly: Want to become a better leader? Try this: Be Humble, and Proudly, Says Psychologist.

Think Anew: To my clients in the healthcare and insurance industries, you may soon have a new competitor: Facebook Will Now Remind You to Get Health Checkups.

Think Smarter:  One good way to think smarter is to learn from those who have different minds.

Think Harder: The future of food is changing fast. Even those in the field of plant-based proteins and “artificial meat” will need to think harder about the future: Hemp and Cricket Burgers Are Coming for Beyond Meat.

Think Like a Child: The next generation may be thinking about work in a new way: The Passion Economy and the Future of Work.

Think in Questions: Here’s a wonderful question from Seth Godin to think about: “What’s the Hard Part?

Think 10X: Could drone deliveries soon grow 10X? Yes. Uber Eats Hopes Drones Can Lift It to Profitability.

Think Bigger: Drone deliveries aren’t the only thing Uber is thinking about. It is also thinking about getting into financial services: Uber Announces Deeper Push into Financial Services With Uber Money.

Think Like a Futurist: Advice on How To Predict the Future, From a Futurist Professor.

Think Radically: Love it or hate it, the US military is thinking radically by trying to read minds.

Think Different: At least one country is thinking differently about the future of money: Bahama to Release Fiat Digital Currency to Counter Cash Dependence.

Think Sustainably: To all of my clients in the construction industry, here is a way to begin thinking more sustainably: Moss-Growing Concrete Absorbs CO2, Insulates and is Also a Vertical Garden.

Think the Unthinkable: Think a single global government is unthinkable? Think again: The “Singleton Hypothesis” Predicts the Future of Humanity.

Want to think again? You can always revisit last week’s “Future 15”.

Until next week: Don’t stop thinking about the future! But also never forget “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting“! 

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