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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 15:” November 8, 2019

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Think: The future of manufacturing may look very, very different. If you are in the agriculture, food, chemical, or manufacturing industry please take some time to read–and think–about this article: Ginkgo Bioworks CEO Wants Biology to Manufacture Physical Goods.

Think Twice: People looking to finance new homes in areas prone to climate change-related weather need to think twicethey may be on thin ice! Muni Bonds Contain New Fine Print: Beware of Climate Change.

Think Historically: One profession that might benefit from studying history–economists! Why Economists Need Economic History.

Think Different: Microsoft is thinking differently about how to structure its workweek. Might you benefit as well? Microsoft’s 4 Day Workweek Led to 40% Boost in Productivity.

Think Smarter: To my many friends and clients in the senior care industry, this article may help you think a little smarter: How Long-Term Care Residencies Can Win With Digital Technologies.

Think Harder: If you are in higher education, it’s time to think harder: Technology Trends in Higher Ed.

Think Like a Futurist: A good article from fellow futurist Peter Diamandis: Flying Cars, Aerial Ridesharing, and the Not-Too-Distant Future of Transport.

Think in Questions: Seth Godin, in this post, replaces a common question –Will today’s emergency even be remembered?–with a much better question:  What could you do today that will be remembered a year from now?

Think 10X: AI is speeding up some aspects of the supply chain 10X: NVIDIA’s AI Will Help USPS Handle Packages 10 Times Faster. (However, if history is any guide, you still won’t receive your packages in time for Christmas.)

Think Bigger: Gene editing may soon get much bigger: Super-Precise New CRISPR Tool Could Tackle a Plethora of Genetic Diseases.

Think Faster: You know its time to think faster when your automobile can change colors in seconds.

Think Radically: Japan is thinking radically about the future of automobile design: Japan Proposes Wooden Cars Made of Plant-Based Cellulose Nanofibers.

Think Anew: Younger generations are thinking anew about how they invest their money. If you are in the financial services industry, it may be time for you to do the same. Untapped Opportunity: How is Impact Investing Poised to Grow.

Think Sustainably: At least one country is taking a bold step in the direction of thinking sustainably: Italy to Become First Country to Make Studying Climate Change Compulsory in Schools.

Think the Unthinkable: Can you imagine making fuel, plastics and concrete “out of thin air”? If not, it’s time for you to think of some unthinkable things: The Promise of Direct Air Capture: Making Stuff Out of Thin Air.

Want to think again? You can always revisit last week’s “Future 15”.

Until next week: Don’t stop thinking about the future! But also never forget “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting“! 

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