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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” January 21, 2022

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Think: This article, 10 Forecasts From The New Future of Tech, is extremely insightful. (For those of you with college-aged children, you might want to think about Forecast #7: “a decade of nomadic life and work”.)

Think Smarter: In my book, Business as Unusual, I speak a lot about “getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” To this end, this new Harvard Business Review article is fascinating. It states that diverse teams are more effective (no surprise) but the counter-intuitive finding its that homogenous teams “feel” more effective (because there is more internal harmony) but the reality is that they are, in fact, less effective. (Bottomline: Diverse teams produce better outcomes precisely because the work is harder.)

Think Harder: If you work in the power (utility), manufacturing, transportation, or agriculture sectors you need to be thinking about how this trend of tracking carbon emissions in real time is going to impact your business.

Think Like a Futurist: I have long been a proponent of adding a dose of science fiction to your regular reading diet. I have, however, recently soured on this advice because so much new science fiction is of a dark, gloomy, and dystopian nature. I am pleased to report that there now appears to be a new genre on the rise–“HopePunk”. It is science fiction that offers an optimistic vision of the future. How refreshing!

Think Again: In yet another aged-related breakthrough, scientists have discovered how to halt and control cellular death–a task previously thought to be irreversible. Time to think again.

Afterthought: “The idea of slowing down is not about getting answers, it is about questioning our questions.” 


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