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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” March 26, 2021

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Think: I found this article to be extremely insightful, To Have Freedom in Your Life, Avoid This One Thing. If you don’t have time to read it, I encourage you to consider–and think about–this key point: “Without uncertainty, you can’t actually be free.”

Think Twice: The farm industry needs to “think twice” because it is on some very “thin ice”: More Than One-Third of Corn Belt Farmland Has Completely Lost Its Carbon-Rich Topsoil.

Think Faster: Two weeks ago, I reported that the first 3D printed home went on sale in New York for $300,000. Another house just went on the market in Austin, TX for $450,000 and, in California, an entire community of houses is being printed. This trend is moving fast. If you’re in construction or real estate, you’ll need to think faster in order to survive.

Think Optimistically: Techno-pessimists have a long and rich history of dismissing promising new technologies, including “horseless carriages,” radios, elevators, bicycles and, more recently, e-commerce. This article is a good reminder of why  you shouldn’t listen too closely to people dismissing electric vehicles, renewable energy, 3D printing, or advances in artificial meat.

Think Again: Think “mushrooms” are just a fringe drug from the 1960’s? Think again because the science behind “magic mushrooms” ability to treat depression, eating disorders, and end-of-life anxiety is compelling. Moreover, they could soon be legal in a handful of states around the U.S., including Oregon: Can Magic Mushrooms Heal Us?


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