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RE: Leadership–Reimagining the Post-Crisis World

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The Cov19 crisis is real. Fear is understandable, but leadership is essential.

In the post-crisis world that will emerge, a new type of leadership will be required. Farsighted leaders must begin reflecting on this future, now!

It has been said that the Chinese word for crisis is a combination of the symbols of “danger” and “opportunity.” This isn’t actually true, but if it were, it would be the perfect metaphor for our current situation. There is danger to be sure; but the crisis also represents an incredible opportunity for those who are willing to take time to revisit the ways of the world.

A month ago, I posted a link to this prescient article: 6 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Our World. It’s an outstanding article and I especially liked the author’s ideas about how the crisis will reinforce the importance of scientific collaboration.

What the article lacks is a discussion of how the crisis will transform leadership. The time is ripe to rethink leadership–in ourselves, our communities, our businesses, and our world.

I don’t have clear answers but in an unknowable and uncertain world, wise leaders begin by “giving up on answers and sticking with questions.” 

In the week and months ahead, I intend to spend a great deal of time reflecting on a number of “RE” words, and I invite other leaders to do the same:

How do we reimagine a better, more optimistic future?

How do we reexamine long and deeply held assumptions?

How do we reassess our jobs and businesses?

How do we restore connection to our local communities and nature?

How do we reinvent everything from our products to our processes?

How do we recreate healthier communities?

How do we realign our priorities in this new world?

How do we relearn ancient truths?

How do we recommit to core values?

How do we reinvigorate our bodies?

How do we recenter our hearts?

How do we regain and rebuild trust?

How do we reframe the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow?

A reawakening is upon us. It is vital that all of us use this opportunity–and, yes, it is an opportunity–to refresh and renew bodies, minds, and souls.

Many people will be driven by fear, and they will want to put up barriers and disconnect from one another and the world. This is short-sighted. The leaders of the future will work diligently to remove harmful barriers, reinspire hope and, most importantly, reconnect all of us to our common humanity. Together, we can create–or should I say recreate or regenerate–the more beautiful future we all know is possible.

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