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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” August 20, 2021

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Think: My latest article in Forbes discusses the emerging trend of regenerative agriculture. In this case, the article is directed at grocers and retailers, but it is equally important that leaders in farming and agri-business begin thinking about how to leverage this powerful trend.  (Fun fact: By the end of the decade regenerative agriculture–which seeks to protect the soil, enhance biodiversity, and store more carbon in the land than traditional agriculture–is expected to be at least 4X larger than all organic farming.)

Think Intuitively: We all rely on our intuition, but our intuition isn’t always as reliable as we’d like to believe it is. In this fascinating article, Interoception: How to Improve Your Gut Feeling, the author outlines how you can not only become more aware of the vast amount of “non conscious” information your body is receiving and processing but also how you can use that information to make faster, better, and more wise decisions.

Think Smarter: The lines between the digital, physical, and biological worlds are blurring. This is leading to powerful and unprecedented change. This article, The Network Revolution: Creating Value Through Platforms, People, and Technology, provides some insights into this “fourth revolution” and explains how you might want to leverage these tools and adapt your business and business model.

Think Differently: In this provocative article, Disagreeability, Mother of Invention, the author discusses the role “disagreeable” people have made to human progress and argues that society “must not sacrifice progress on the altar of niceness.” The bottom-line is this: To move forward society requires people who think and act differently.

Think Bigger: 3D-printed concrete is being used to build a $147 billion high-speed rail system in the UK. According to the article, the field is expected to grow at an annually compounded rate of 91 percent through 2028. (I don’t know if this will happen but if it does, a compound rate of 91percent for 7 years equates to almost a 100-fold increase!)

Afterhought: “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value.”–Albert Einstein

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