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Reframing the Future

Posted in Futurist, Generation RE

How do we get to the future in a manner that is healthy, happy, and holistic?

If I had the answer, I’d be wise and wealthy beyond measure. I am neither.

This has not stopped me from trying to answer the question, however.

One technique that may be beneficial is to study Aboriginal peoples. This might sound unusual, but I recently came across a fascinating article describing how Australian Aboriginals view paintings.

Unlike most cultures which hang paintings on a wall and then view the painting from a fixed, individual perspective, Aboriginals place paintings on the ground or floor. They then sit in a circle around the painting and ask each member of the tribal community to describe the painting from their perspective.

Isn’t that wonderful? Not only does the act foster community and strengthen connections by making viewing a group exercise, it promotes individual development by valuing and respecting everyone’s perspective. It has the added benefit of honing everyone’s listening skills.

What if we did the same within our families, communities and businesses by asking and inviting everyone to describe the future from their unique perspective?

Would we come to new insights, learn new perspectives, and better appreciate different visions? I believe we would.

All we need to do is reframe the future and begin studying it from different angles and then truly listen to those rich and diverse viewpoints.

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