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To Unlearn: Fly One Time

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Ben Harper has a new song on this latest album that touches on the theme of unlearning. The song is entitled "Fly One Time." Below are the lyrics. A video of the song being performed live can be found below. (It's a good tune.)

I have an ability
It’s pounding at my door.
Screaming for more.

In the world that owes you nothing
you give everything.

And now I’m caught in between
but I can’t leave behind
the world I may never find.
So fly one time.
So fly one time.

Standing at the edge of your life.
At the edge of our lives.
Don’t hold on
There’s no fighting back the years
so hard to unlearn fears

Now you're caught between
what you can’t leave behind.
And all that you may never find.
So fly, just fly
just fly one time.

I’ve seen you so clearly, so clearly up so high.
I see you up so clearly, up so clearly, up so high.

And now you're caught in between
what you can’t leave behind.
And what you may, what we may never find.
So fly, so fly one time.
So clearly so clearly so high.
If I would die,
just fly one time.
If you fly one time.

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