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A Healthy New Question

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I speak frequently on the topic of unlearning to the healthcare industry. As a result, I’m always scanning the horizon for insights which seem to turn the “conventional wisdom” of healthcare on it’s head.

Recently, I came across this article describing how some healthcare innovators are asking new questions to determine the best treatment option for individual patients.

For example, when determining if a patient really needs knee surgery the healthcare provider would not only ask about (and test) the degree of rotation in the knee, they would also ask what sort of activities the patient likes to engages in and whether or not they enjoy playing with their grandkids. A patient who is more active or enjoys time with their grandkids might be a better candidate for surgery than someone who is less active.

This might seem an obvious choice but consider the case of someone who has a serious skin disorder. Various treatments have different side effects. Some people are self-conscious about these side-effects, whereas others are not. The best treatment, therefore, depends not just on technical issues but on an individual’s personality.

The bottom-line is that asking new questions can lead to new insights which can challenge old ways of thinking and doing.

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