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Extra, Extra, Read All About It: Change is the Only Constant

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There is nothing permanent except change.” –Hereclitus

The pace of change is only accelerating yet, surprisingly, we don’t often see it–even when it is staring us in the face.

To wit, yesterday, WellPoint announced it was going to “hire” Watson (IBM’s supercomputer) to help its doctors make better and faster medical diagnosis.

One page later in the WSJ, it was revealed Amazon is in discussions with some publishers over the creation of a fee-based digital book service. (Think of it as a literary buffet whereby you can consume as many books as you like in a single year.)

My point is that technology is changing both the nature of jobs and business models at an ever quicker pace.

Are you and your business preparing yourself for what’s coming next? If not, why not? The future is screaming at you from the front of almost every newspaper–be it digital or non-digital.

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