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The Future is Gold

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the World Gold Council, in partnership with the fine folks at Cientifica, have released a new report entitled ”Gold for Gold: Gold and nanotechnology in the age of innovation” suggesting that gold may soon replace diamonds as “a girl’s best friend.”

OK. That’s not really what the report said but here are a few of the highlights about how gold nanoparticles may impact your future:

1. Gold’s inherent bio-compatibility properties make it an ideal candidate for targeting tumors;

2. Gold nanoparticles are being developed to enter inside other diseased cells (The nanoparticles are then heated with infrared light and this “cooks” the cell from the inside out);

3. Soon, gold nanoparticles may create needleless vaccines;

4. Gold-based nanoarrays might also help detect everything from whether a woman is pregnant to dangerous food borne pathogens;

5. Gold-based nanocatalysts are being created to prevent the release of mercury into the atmosphere as well as neutralize other deadly compounds such as carbon monoxide; and

6. Such nanocatalysts might also help purify water by removing arsenic or other common pollutants.

The report also covers other opportunities in fuel cells, coatings, dyes and pigment, solar cells, conductive inks, electronics and high density data storage. All told, its a solid report and offers further evidence that nanotechnology is moving into the commercial mainstream.

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