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Touch, Taste, See, Hear and Smell the Future

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In its annual “5 in 5” prediction, IBM says that by 2017, we will see the rise of cognitive computers — machines that can experience the world in a manner comparable to five senses.

The video at the bottom of this post provides a brief description of “the rise of cognitive computing” but here are five brief predictions I picked up from the associated videos:

1. In five years, you’ll be able to “touch” fabric through your smartphone.
2. In five years, your smartphone will “taste” and will know better than you do what you’ll like to eat.
3. In five years, your smartphone will be able to see and monitor a skin spot and tell you at the earliest possible time if it is cancerous.
4. In five years, it’ll be possible to hear a dangerous mudslide in Brazil before it occurs.
5. In five years, your smartphone will be able to smell your breathe and detect you have a cold before you even know it.

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