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Unlearning Procrastination

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There are five frogs sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many frogs are left sitting on the log? 

The answer is five. AF B-W-80065 Frogs on a Log  

 Why? Because there is a big difference between deciding to do something and actually doing it. 

This is a particularly important point to recall on the day after Thanksgivings — the official start of the Holiday Season. Undoubtedly, millions of American's over-indulged on food and drink yesterday and millions more will continue to do so over the next few weeks. (I would add that millions more will also continue to do so over the course of their lifetime … but America's growing obesity problem is another ventolin-albuterol.com.) 

Come January 1st, many people will "resolve" to lose the weight they have gained over the Holidays. Rather than engage in this annual — and largely ineffective — ritual, I'd like to suggest an alternative: "No Weight Gain December." Rather than promise to lose excess weight in a month's time, you should simply commit to not gaining any weight in December. 

The plan has three distinct advantages. First, you can begin today; second, not gaining weight is a more realistic goal in the sense that it doesn't require any dramatic change in your current behavior; and, three, if you are successful, it might provide the necessary inspiration and motivation come January should you resolve to begin losing weight.

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