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Watson, Come Here: A Clue to Cancer!

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Last year, I published my top ten trends in health care. Number Five on the list was “artificial intelligence.” Specifically, I addressed the ability of IBM’s “Watson” supercomputer to revolutionize diagnosis.

Well, the folks at Memorial Sloan-Kettering have now hired Watson. If you’re in the healthcare industry, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to watch the following two-minute video because it points toward the future of cancer diagnosis.

As one of the physicians says in the video, “This is beyond evolutionary, this is revolutionary!” He goes on to add, “This could totally change the way we conduct medicine.”

I agree … it is foolish to believe that in an era where medical information is doubling every five years that even the smartest, most dedicated doctor can stay abreast of this explosion of information.

Bottom-line: More hospitals and cancer clinics need to begin exploring how they can also employ Watson to diagnosis cancer better, faster and more efficiently.

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