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Unlearn It

Posted in Communication, Creativity, Culture, Humor

It_is  It is what it is.

Fix it!

Shove it!

Make it happen.

I can't help it.

Don't doubt it.

Is it worth it?

Solve it.

F*&k it!

Just do it.

Don't question it.

Figure it out.

Name it.

You're doing it wrong.

I love it.

Screw it.

Get it done.

Believe it!

Don't believe it.

Nothin' I can do about it.

Bring it on!

Watch it.

He/She's got it.

Is it worth it?

I'll know it when I see it.

What is it? "It" is not as simple as it may seem. Frequently, "it" means different things to different people. When "it" is an issue or a problem is "it" defined in a way everyone can understand? When "it" is a behavior (e.g. I can't help it), "it" is often not a single factor but rather a complex combination of a multitude of different things.

To succeed in the future, we must all do a better job of understanding what "it"; why "it" is important; how and when "it" will get done; and who will get "it" done.

To do anyhing less just makes a mess of it.

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