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Jump the Curve: The Internet in 5000 Days

Posted in Internet/Information Tech

The following TED presentation by Kevin Kelly is now more than a year old, but for anyone interested contemplating where the future of the Internet is headed I highly recommend it.

I especially like Kelly’s statement, which he makes early in the presentation, that we “have to get better at believing the impossible.” I’ve written about this theme on numerous occasions (see the posts below), but Kelly makes an excellent point. Today, the power of the Internet is the equivalent of just one human brain. Through the power of exponential growth, it will—within two decades time—equal the collective power of 6 billion human brains.

Folks, this isn’t the equivalent of linear growth. This is a quantum shift and it adds great weight to Tim Berner-Lee’s recent quote about the current Internet being only the “tip of the iceberg.”

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