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The Future is Closer Than You Think

Posted in Internet/Information Tech

As a professional futurist my job is not to predict the future. Instead, I offer my clients a range of possibilities about what might happen in the future. As a starting point for these “possibilities, I always begin with those trends that are already here. (As I have said before ”the future is here, it is just not yet evenly distributed.”

To this end, I’d like to share two emerging trends in the personal transportation market that I’m confident will grow in the coming years. The first is the development of solar fabrics which will soon be used by bikers and cyclists to recharge and power their electronic devices.

The second and more exciting trend is the creation of air-powered motorcycles. To understand the latter’s potential, especially in countries such as India and China where smog is a serious problem and people have limited disposable income for fuel, I invite you to watch this short 1.5 minute video:

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