Jack Uldrich
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A More Beautiful Future: Why it Matters and How to Create It.

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In this powerful and inspirational new keynote, leading global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich cleaves together today’s tectonic technological shifts with yesterday’s timeless principles to craft a clear-eyed and compelling vision of the future.

Speaking from his mind and his heart, Uldrich spells out why the key to unlocking the future requires leaders and organizations to mindfully balance today’s hard trends with the tender, ancient wisdom of the human heart.

The paradoxical combination of focusing like a laser on businesses’ bottom-line while simultaneously casting a broader light on the importance of embracing the interconnectedness between business, humanity, community, and the natural world will not only ensure an organization’s near-term survival, it will position it to grow and thrive across generations.

Jack’s stories, insights, and core message will awaken his audiences to new ways of seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking, as well as empower them to work toward the creation of a more beautiful future for themselves, their families, their companies, their communities and, ultimately, the world.


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