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Unlearning the Benefits of Thinking

Posted in Culture, Marketing, Sales

Can we think too much for own good sometimes? The answer, according to this new study, is yes. Worse, if you are not careful, manipulative salespeople can use this tendancy against you.

According to the study, the more complex the decision, the less useful deliberation becomes. Therefore, a smart salesperson sensing your gut is telling you "no," might instead encourage you to deliberate on the pros and cons. Of course, this might seem like common sense but if you arrive at a decision opposite of your initial reaction, you will probably come to regret it.

One thought on “Unlearning the Benefits of Thinking”

  1. kamekish says:

    Sir, why do you call it unlearning the benefits? Thinking is very genuine process. Thiniking more and good is complex.
    What I feel that because of lack of unlearning, people do less of thinking in the new direction and yes that may be useless.
    But thinking is required and people have to be more educated and wise to make the benefit of thinking.

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