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Unlearning Pricing

Posted in Publishing, Unlearn Strategy

There is much the newspaper and publishing industry needs to unlearn — as I have explained before (here and here). Now, fellow author and change agent, Seth Godin, has published a piece entitled The Magic of Dynamic Pricing in which he criticizes the publishing industry for attempts to delay the release of new book titles in an an e-book format in a "lame-brain" attempt to prop up the ailing hard cover book market.

One strategy Godin suggests is "reverse pricing." This is the counter-intuitive idea that a publisher might want to consider making an e-book cheaper in the beginning in order to build buzz and then increase the price over time (e.g. "better buy it now before the price goes up.")

It's a wonderful example of thinking-outside-the-box but it will require publishers to unlearn. Are they up to the challenge?

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