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Knowing the Unknowable

Posted in Parable, Religion, Spiritual

“How do you know God,” asked the child.

“When you know Him as unknowable,” replied the traveler.

“That’s the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard,” said the child.

“Is it?”


“Let me ask you this,” continued the traveler, “Can a circle be a straight line?”

“Of course not,” replied the child.

“Really? If you could draw a circle of infinite size what would your line look like?”

The child thought about it for sometime and then came to the startling conclusion: “The line of an infinite circle would be indistinguishable from a straight line!”

The traveler smiled. “Precisely! Similarly, I can’t know — or even get my mind around God’s infinite powers — but I do see His straight lines everywhere I look.”

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