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Time as an Unlearning Tool

Posted in Spiritual

Sandsoftime Earlier this spring, I stumbled across this article explaining how an island which the nations of India and Bangladesh had been fighting over for decades had just disappeared into the sea. While many people jumped into the debate to claim the island as a victim of global climate change and rising seas (and, perhaps, it is but I don't know), I preferred to view it as a larger metaphor for life. 

How often have you desperately wanted something and even risked or ruined a relationship over the pursuit of the object only to realize later that the item in question wasn't really that important? I know I've done it.

Yesterday offered even a better example. In the span of just 16 brief minutes, $1.25 trillion of wealth evaporated in the midst of a technical melt-down on Wall Street. Luckily, I was completely oblivious to the situation because I now no longer relentlessly check the Internet or keep a television blaring in the background. I instead choose to write, think and read.

By this morning when I did read about the situation I saw that much of the stock market had recovered. Still, I couldn't help but wonder about the amount of human energy expended over that disappearing money. My guess is a lot.

Now think of the anguish that India and Bangladesh spent over that tiny speck of island. 

Now think of the worries in your life. Are they real? 


Or, like the profits on Wall Street or the tiny island in the sea, might the sands of time also erase those worries in the future? If so, it's important to realize that you have the power to erase these worries in the present. All you need to do is unlearn.

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