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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” April 22, 2022

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Think:  Earlier this month, Waymo began offering rides in autonomous taxis in San Francisco. I mention this because now is the time to begin contemplating how this technology will affect consumer behavior in indirect ways. To this end, this article on how self-driving vehicles will transform the future of retail offers one example.

Think in Questions: Here’s a good question to occasionally ask yourself: If this is the present, what’s the future? I say this because so many developments which sound like science fiction are happening today. Case-in-point: This article about NASA “holoporting” a doctor to the International Space Station. If a virtual doctor can consult with astronauts in space today, how might holograms be used in other settings in the near future? One possibility is remote work–if you can’t be physically present at a work meeting perhaps having your hologram take your place is the next best option.

Think Different: The pandemic has transformed higher education in some powerful ways. The transformation, however, is not done. In fact, it has barely even started. The recent news that South Dakota State University has now created a “metaversity” (a university in virtual reality) is a trend anyone associated with higher education should be thinking about now.

Think Bigger: FedEx has announced it will begin testing a 1,900-pound drone for hauling packages. This is a potential game-changer for the logistics industry. To understand this opportunity, consider the following: A typical FedEx delivery truck can carry 700 to 1000 pounds; these drones can carry between 300 and 500 pounds. This suggests that FedEx will be able to address some “middle mile” issues as well as deliver more packages to remote areas.

Think Harder: Non-fungible tokens (better known as “NFTs”) may seem like an esoteric topic and one which the serious business professional need not concern him or herself with. This perspective is wrong as this article suggests–it explains why some medical ethicists are endorsing NFTs. My point is this: If NFTs can help make electronic medical records more secure, is it possible NFTs could help keep other data secure?

Heart-Centered Thinking: Today is Earth Day and it is appropriate that we take a few moments to think about our relationship to earth. Here’s my modest suggestion: Do your “thinking time” outside today. Take a walk around your home or office and as you are reflecting, take some time to think about your relationship with nature. Are you doing enough to create a regenerative future for the next generation?

Afterthought: “Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over what and how you think.”–David Foster Wallace


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