Jack Uldrich
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A Cold Dose of Reality: Write Your Own Eulogy, Now!

Posted in Action, Wisdom

Years ago, I read a wonderful ebook–The Flinch, by Julien Smith. In the book, Smith exhorted his readers to take a cold shower. He provided no other explanation. He just said, “Put the book down and go do it now.” Smith anticipated that most of his readers would ignore his odd request and then make…

Start Creating the Future with a TIARA Award

Posted in Action

As a professional futurist, I am a strong proponent of strategic experimentation. The future is accelerating so quickly, and technologies and trends are advancing and converging at such a rate that is impractical to believe strategic planning alone can “research away” all of the uncertainty that the future holds. Therefore, I advocate businesses take incremental…

The Big AHA: Three Unconventional Ways to Future-Proof Your Business Today

Posted in Action, Business as Unusual, Future Proof, Futurist, Humility

  Every business leader feels it and knows it–the world is changing at an accelerating pace. Business models are shifting, consumer behaviors and preferences are evolving swiftly, and emerging technologies and platforms are transforming the competitive landscape. In such an environment, it is difficult to look ahead to the next quarter, let alone the next…

Bring Back a Billion Butterflies!

Posted in Action

This past February, I read this article in my local newspaper: “Nearly a Billion Monarchs Have Vanished.” After reading the article, I asked myself two questions: How do I feel about the condition of the butterflies? How do I explain the condition of the monarch butterflies to my children? The answer to the first question…

Stop Pooping in the Sky

Posted in Action

Dear Readers: This Christmas instead of giving my kids more stuff, I decided to give them the gift of an idea. The idea is pretty simple: We can all make the world a little better place. Please watch this 3 minute video and then perform the four easy actions. They will take less than 10…

Permission to Become Your Own Authority Figure

Posted in Action, Business, Creativity, Culture, Failure, Happiness, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, One minute unlearning

Does no one in a position of authority like your business proposal, your manuscript or your idea? Stop listening to others "no" and say "yes" to yourself. Give yourself permission to become your own authority figure.


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