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Unlearning is About Dropping Things

Posted in Architecture, Design, Marketing

Compare and contrast the two pictures. The picture to the right is a real version of an Apple iPod box and below it is a spoof of the same box if Microsoft were to package the iPod. Apple has mastered the idea of dropping things. If you and your organization haven't, I invite to watch…

Screw the Majority! Unlearn!

Posted in Advertising, Ambiguity, Architecture, Business, Creativity, Culture, Innovation, Marketing, Paradox, Unlearning Curve

Take a look at the image to the right. It is a visual display of Everett Roger's famous model of diffusion. I, however, want you to look at it differently. Consider it, instead, "an unlearning curve." Conventional wisdom tells us that it is safe in the middle. Advertising and marketers frequently target their message toward…

Unlearning isn’t a Black and White Issue

Posted in Architecture, Arts, Creativity, Design, Illusion

The future won’t be either black or white—it will be black and white. In the field of architecture and design, people are often use to choosing between form or function. In the future, as a result of advances in nanotechnology, this age-old debate will become less relevant. As proof, I submit this article discussing a…

Unlearning the Bridge

Posted in Architecture, Construction, Design

Is there a better way to build a suspension bridge? According to researchers at Sheffield University the  answer is "maybe." As this article explains, engineers may soon be able to build a more structurally sound bridge using less material. The only unresolved issue is whether the more complex design will offset the material cost savings…

Unlearning the Hospital

Posted in Architecture, Construction, Health Care, Hospitals

For the past two days I have been in California working with a well-known construction company and architectural firm designing the hospital of the future. Due to the proprietary nature of project, I can't go into specifics with this post but I always begin such projects from the premise: What must we unlearn?   For…

Unlearning Strategy: Put One Foot in Back of the Other

Posted in Advertising, Architecture, Creativity, Education, Future, Games, Innovation, Marketing, Quiz, Unlearn Strategy

"Every mile you go in the wrong direction is really a two mile error. Unlearning is twice as hard as learning." — Unknown Question: Imagine the Roman Numeral equation below is made out of ten toothpick sticks such that “I” equals one stick and the “X” “+” and “=” all represent two sticks: XI +…

To Unlearn: Meet Me in St. Louis

Posted in Analogy, Architecture, Books, Business, Creativity, Education, Games, General, Marketing, Psychology, Quiz, Science, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

St. Louis's Gateway Arch is one of the world's largest optical illusions. It appears to be much taller than it is wide. The reality is that it is as high as it is wide. The problem is that the illusion can't be overcome just by taking another look — only an objective measurement will do. The…

Unlearning Home Construction

Posted in Architecture, Buildings Trade, Construction, General, Manufacturing, Plastics, Real Estate, Retail

One of the things I really enjoy about studying emerging technologies is that the field constantly challenges my thinking and forces me to think differently about the future. To this end, I invite you to read this article on a new “print-a-house” construction technology. In the near future, it is possible that homes will be…

A Watched Kettle Never Boils — or Does It?

Posted in Architecture, Automobile, Energy, General, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Plastics, Science, Utility

EcoGeek has an interesting article explaining how advances in nanotechnology can lead to the creation of a kettle that boils faster. The advance is significant not just because it could help consumers and businesses save money and time by bringing water to a boil faster, but because it suggests that a variety of other products—such…

Unlearning May Be in Blowing in the Wind

Posted in Architecture, Buildings Trade, Energy, Manufacturing, Wind Power

Energy Daily has an insightful article about an intriguing new generation wind turbine developed by BroadStar Wind Systems. The new design, which can be viewed at the right, is unlike most wind turbines. It apparently, however, has some substantial advantages including the fact that it can be manufactured, transported, installed and maintained at a lower…


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