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Autonomous Vehicles: 10 “Human-Centric” Questions to Consider, Today

Posted in Automobile, Future, Futurist, Transportation

As a futurist, people frequently ask me how driverless automobiles and trucks will affect the future of urban areas. It’s not a bad question, but there’s a better question to ask: How can autonomous vehicles help create a more human-centric city? The focus of the first question assumes autonomous/self-driven cars are inevitable and urban planners…

Can the Automotive Industry Unlearn?

Posted in Automobile, Behavior, Business, Business Models

Recently, I finished reading Clay Shirky’s excellent new book, Cognitive Surplus. One of the points he made which really struck home with me was his discussion of how “more” has a quality all of its own. To drive home the point, Shirky discussed how “pizza by the slice” works as a business model in big…

Do You Live in (a) Detroit?

Posted in Analogy, Automobile, Business, Change, Creativity, Manufacturing, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Transportation

I don't mean do you physically live in Detroit. Instead, I mean do you and your business live in an environment where you're surrounded by like-minded individuals. Living with — and around — people who think the same as you can be comforting but it can also be very dangerous. The fact that the "Big…

Unlearning is Like Changing the Oil in Your Car

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Behavior, Change, Government, Unlearn Strategy

Once we learn something it is hard to unlearn it. This is especially true if we learned it in our youth. To this end, ever since I began driving in the early 1980's, I was told to change the oil in my car every 3000 miles. While I haven't been a stickler about the rule,…

Buckle Up and Unlearn

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Behavior, Culture, Education, Parenting

This past weekend three young women between the ages of 13 and 16 died in a car crash in my home state of Minnesota. They weren’t wearing seat belts. (On Sunday another six died in a separate accident. They also weren’t wearing seatbelts). If you still don’t wear a seatbelt, please watch this emotionally powerful…

Big Problems Don’t Always Require Big Fixes

Posted in Agriculture, Automobile, Books, Business, Creativity, Education, Energy, Government, History, Paradigm, Science, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

Big problems such as health care, feeding the world and addressing climate change don't necessarily require big solutions. In the 19th century, Ignaz Semmelweis helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women by getting doctors to wash their hands prior to assisting in the delivery of a new-born child. (Unfortunately, however, it still required the medical community…

When Data and Decisions Collide: Unlearning Needs to Result

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Business, Culture, Education, Future, Health Care, Human Resources, Internet, Marketing, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Transportation, Unlearn Strategy

Fellow blogger and change agent, Seth Godin, has an excellent post today entitled "When data and decisions collide." In it, he recounts numerous examples of people ignoring data because it doesn't line up with their "hunches" — or what people think they know but "just ain't so." Godin is pessimistic about the time it will take most…

To Unlearn: Try Reading the Newspaper Backwards

Posted in Advertising, Agriculture, Automobile, Black Swans, Books, Business, Creativity, Current Affairs, Education, Energy, Future, General, Innovation, Internet, Marketing, Newspaper, Publishing, Unlearn Strategy

In my 2008 book, Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies, one strategy I encourage people to employ from time to time is that of reading the newspaper backwards. Why? Because it can help you more clearly see where the future is headed. This, in turn, will…

BMW Unlearns

Posted in Automobile, Business, Creativity, General, Innovation, Jump the Curve, Transportation

The German automaker BMW, in introducing its "Light Visionary Model" prototype automobile — which it dubs GINA (Geometry and Functions in "N" Adaption), writes this: "The key to affecting the development of tomorrow's mobility lies in our readiness to challenge what is established and in the ability to antihistamine-meds.com new options." In short, BMW is…

To Unlearn: Put on a New Hat

Posted in Advertising, Automobile, Business, Creativity, Culture, Future, General, Health Care, Jump the Curve, Unlearn Strategy

I have recounted before how scientific and technical knowledge is doubling every seven years and have pointed out that if this trend continues everything known today will represent just 1 percent of the sum total of world knowledge in 2050. Consider then how a significantly better understanding of the human brain might influence not just…


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