Jack Uldrich
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Five Foreseeable Future Risks

Posted in Black Swan, Future, Futurist, Insurance, Risk

The future may be unknowable. This does not, however, imply it can’t be prepared for. Below are just five future risks I have—and will—address in various keynote presentations to the insurance industry in the coming months. 1. Economic instability: Foxconn, the large Chinese electronic manufacturer, recently announced a hiring freeze. Eventually, this “freeze” will turn…

The Black (Swan) Cloud

Posted in Black Swan, CIO

Earlier this week, I suggested the term “cloud computing” will fade away in time and simply come to be referred to as “computing.” I still believe this to be true but, as a business forecaster, one must always beware of how the future may turn in some unexpected directions. One threat to the future of…

Unlearning Lesson #6: Study at an Anti-Library

Posted in Black Swan, Unlearning

Lesson #6: Study at an Anti-Library  “There is a huge difference between what people actually know and how much they think they know.” – Nassim Taleb Question #6: Which of these animals is more likely to kill you: A shark or a deer? The right answer is the deer. In fact, the contest isn’t even…

A Nickel for Your Thoughts on Nanotechnology

Posted in Black Swan, Environmentalism, Insurance, Nanotechnology, Risk

As someone who has written two books on the topic of nanotechnology, including The Next Big Thing is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your Business, I’m well aware of the field’s immense potential. As a professional futurist, however, I am always cautioning my clients to be aware of “black swans”–or large…


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