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Don’t Get an MBA: Focus on Unlearning

Posted in Business, Business School, Unlearn Strategy

Thinking about getting an MBA? Here’s my advice: Don’t! For starters, it is a waste of money for the majority of students. As Dale Stephens writes in this piece (“A Smart Investor Would Skip the M.B.A.), your time would be better spent taking free online courses and using the savings to instead pursue unique training and…

More is Not Always Best

Posted in Ask a New Question, Business, Business Models, Business School, General, Happiness, Human Resources, Innovation, Less is More, Management, Psychology, Questions, The Way We See the Problem

If you are a manager and want to position your company or organization to succeed in the future, I'd suggest changing the normal managerial question of "How do I get more out of my employees?" to "How do I get the best out of my employees?" Why? because passion, energy, creativity and innovation aren't easily…

Unlearning and the MBA

Posted in Business, Business School, Kindergarten, Quotes

"If Indian engineers find out an executive has an MBA, they will say, 'unlearn and observe." I love this quote is from Wim Elfrink, Cisco's chief globalization that appeared in this article. It also brings to mind this outstanding video from David Heinemeier Hansson entitled Unlearn Your MBA. Of course rather than unlearning your MBA,…


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