Jack Uldrich
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The Black (Swan) Cloud

Posted in Black Swan, CIO

Earlier this week, I suggested the term “cloud computing” will fade away in time and simply come to be referred to as “computing.” I still believe this to be true but, as a business forecaster, one must always beware of how the future may turn in some unexpected directions. One threat to the future of…

Look It Up: Information Wants to Be Free

Posted in CIO, Education, Metaphor

Last week, after 244 years, Encyclopedia Brittanica announced it would be discontinuing the physical production of the iconic encyclopedia. Given the popularity (not to mention the breadth and accuracy) of Wikipedia, it’s not really much of a surprise. It is, however, a wonderful metaphor for the future of information in the sense that information wants…

The Disappearing Clouds

Posted in CIO, Computer/Semiconductor, Finance, Health Care

I’m in Hong Kong today to deliver the opening keynote presentation at SingTel’s 2012 CIO Days. One message I intend to deliver is that of the “disappearing word.” To better understand the future, I frequently advise my audiences to beware of descriptor phrases that will fade away in time. For example, we no longer say…

10 Future Mobile Trends for CIOs to Consider Today

Posted in Business, Change, CIO, Disruptive Technology, Mobile

At the end of March, I’ll be traveling to Hong Kong to deliver a keynote presentation at SingTel’s CIO Day 2012. In preparation for the talk, I recently reviewed Cisco’s Global Data Traffic Forecast Update for 2012-2016. Here are ten interesting facts CIO’s need to be contemplating today: 1. Monthly global mobile data will surpass…


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