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Why the Future Demands Unlearning in a Single Graph

Posted in Business as Unusual, Computer/Semiconductor, Future, Future Proof, Unlearning

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Watson Accelerates the Future of Health Care

Posted in Algorithms, Cancer, Computer/Semiconductor, Data Mining, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist

Only two years after appearing on the game show Jeopardy! IBM’s Watson supercomputer is making startling progress in advancing the future of health care. In the past week, three new Watson-related “cognitive” technologies have been unveiled.(Two at the Cleveland Clinic and one at The Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas.) “WatsonPaths” incorporates feedback from the physician…

The Future is Here: No Bullshit!

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor, Future, Futurist

I don’t know how this news escaped me but earlier this year IBM’s super-powerful computer taught itself how to swear after consuming the Urban Dictionary on slang. (In response to one query, Watson apparently replied, “That’s bullshit!”.) The computer’s human overseers have since deleted a variety of salty words from Watson’s vocabulary but, from my…

Watson, Come Here: A Clue to Cancer!

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Video

Last year, I published my top ten trends in health care. Number Five on the list was “artificial intelligence.” Specifically, I addressed the ability of IBM’s “Watson” supercomputer to revolutionize diagnosis. Well, the folks at Memorial Sloan-Kettering have now hired Watson. If you’re in the healthcare industry, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to watch…

The Disappearing Clouds

Posted in CIO, Computer/Semiconductor, Finance, Health Care

I’m in Hong Kong today to deliver the opening keynote presentation at SingTel’s 2012 CIO Days. One message I intend to deliver is that of the “disappearing word.” To better understand the future, I frequently advise my audiences to beware of descriptor phrases that will fade away in time. For example, we no longer say…

Driving Faster into the Future with Supercomputers

Posted in Business, Computer/Semiconductor, Energy, Exponential Executive, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Trends

“Titan will be used for a variety of important research projects, including the development of more commercially viable biofuels, cleaner burning engines, safer nuclear energy, and more efficient solar power.” So states a recent press release from Cray announcing the creation of a new supercomputer capable of between 10 and 20 quadrillion calculations per second….

What’s Next for Robotics? Fetch Me More Than a Donut!

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Check out this picture to the right. We know it’s true because we have all lived through it. It is more difficult to imagine the future because, well, it hasn’t yet happened. I encourage you, however, to watch the video of the TurtleBot below and then ask yourself this question: What will robots look like…

Engines of Change: Searching Outside the Box

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, 20/20 Vision: 20 Trends Which Will Transform Business in the Coming Decade, that I am writing with the able assistance of fellow futurist Simon Anderson, host of www.futur1st.com. This chapter covers the search engine of the future.) For three days in February, 2011, “Watson,”…

Can Your Hear the Future?

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

Yesterday, in a post entitled Can You See the Future, I showed you a cool video of how I believe many people will soon begin visually recording many aspects of their daily lives. I’m now happy to report that you can now also hear the future and it comes compliments of Google which has just…

Is Your Future in Jeopardy?

Posted in Computer/Semiconductor

In my 2008 book, Jump the Curve, I had a section entitled “Bet on the Machine” where I discussed how many technologies, due to the exponential growth of computer processing power, inevitably surpass the skills of even the most talented humans. As a case point, I cited how IBM’s “Deep Blue” computer now routinely beats…


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