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The Future Has Officially Arrived: Drone Delivered Beer

Posted in Agriculture, Business as Unusual, Crime, Defense, Future, Futurist, General, Humor, Robots

With summer just around the corner many of us will quench our thirst on hot days with an ice-cold beer. Now, thanks to some creative and innovative entrepreneurs in South Africa, you may soon be able to have that ice-cold beer delivered to you via a miniature drone. (See the 45-second video below). While obviously…

Here Comes Alpha Dog!

Posted in Defense, Robots

A few weeks ago, my colleague Simon Anderson speculated that in the near future the number of robotic soldiers would exceed the number of human soldiers in this edition of The Tomorrow Times. To understand why this vision is coming to fruition faster than many people expect, I invite you to watch the latest video…

Walking into the Future

Posted in Aging Services, Defense, Future, Futurist, Innovation

I recently delivered a keynote presentation to Care Providers of Minnesota–an association of aging services facilities. During my talk, I showed a snippet from this video of a parapalegic woman using a new robotic exoskeleton to walk. I suggested that in the not-to-distant future a number of people would altogether forego wheelchairs. The future is…

Osama Bin Laden and the Curious Case of Seeing What Isn’t There

Posted in Defense, See What Isn't There

The big breakthrough in finding Osama Bin Laden came when intelligence analysts first noticed the million dollar compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan didn't have internet access. Next, the analysts observed the occupants never took their garbage to the street (like the other neighbors did) and instead preferred to burn it inside the compound. Finally, they knew…

Flying into the Future with Robots

Posted in Defense

In my predictions for 2011, I wrote this as my Number #2 prediction: An armed military ground robot will successfully identify and terminate a top Taliban leader deep inside a cave somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. In response, a U.S. military robot will be hijacked and used against U.S. forces in a deadly attack….

The Future Means Never Saying Never

Posted in Defense

The Wall Street Journal has a chilling article on bioterrorism in today’s paper. At the end of the article, one analyst tries to make everyone feel better by saying, “The idea that four guys in a cave are going to create bioterrorism from scratch–that will be never, ever, ever.” And, of course, he is right…

The Future of Warfare

Posted in Defense

On this day in 1942, the Soviet Union beat back the German’s in the largest tank battle in history. It is now no secret that the U.S. is deploying untold numbers of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots in warfare. What is more interesting to think about is how these tools will be used in warfare…

There’s No Defense for Not Unlearning

Posted in Defense, Example, Military_

As a former naval officer, I like to believe I have an appreciation for the national security interests of this country. There is, however, a bit of conventional wisdom I'd like to challenge and it is the idea that spending more money of defense automatically makes us safer. For example, if we continue to spend…

One Step Closer to the Minority Report?

Posted in Defense

The other day, I offered a picture of what the near-term future of police surveillance may look like. Today, I’d like you to consider a somewhat more futuristic vision. In this article, Google explains how quantum algorithms may soon be able to spot cars. If you combined this future capability with today’s existing technology (together…


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