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The Future of Police Surveillance?

Posted in Defense

The police officer’s quote at the end of this video says it all: “This technology [automatic license plate recognition] is going to revolutionize law enforcement.” It is impressive technology but the civil libertarian in me is concerned that in the hands of over-zealous law enforcement officials the technology can also be abused.

The CIA Jumps the Curve—Again

Posted in Defense

Last year, I explained how the CIA was using a Wikipedia-like device to improve the work of it’s intelligence analysts. Well, the spy agency has once again “jumped the curve.” It was recently reported that the CIA has taken an equity stake in a Visible Technologies, a software company which specializes in monitoring social media….

The Future Will Bug You

Posted in Defense

In the category that science fiction is now science reality, I invite you to read this startling article about how researchers have now successfully created a remote-controlled flying cyborg beetle. The below video may not look like much but I believe otherwise. On the positive side, there obvious applications for battling terrorism. On the negative…

The CIA Unlearns

Posted in Defense, General, Military_, Terrorism

Computer World had an interesting article discussing the CIA’s use of Intellipedia—a Wikipedia-like project for its analysts–a while back. As a former naval intelligence officer, I think it's a fantastic idea but—perhaps not unsurprisingly—the idea has been met with some resistance from within the intelligence community. According to the article, in fact, the founders of…

Unlearn By Dispelling Old and New Ignorance

Posted in Aviation, Culture, Defense, Education, General, History, Innovation, Jump the Curve, Military_, Nanotechnology, Politics, Quotes, Science, Unlearn Strategy

In his famous speech at Rice University where he declared that it was America’s intention to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, President Kennedy said “the greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds,” adding that “the vast stretches of the unknown and the unanswered and the unfinished…

Unlearning the Future

Posted in Aging, Automobile, Business, Culture, Current Affairs, Defense, Education, Future, General, Genomics, Health Care, Jump the Curve, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Politics, Science, Unlearn Strategy, Zenzizenzizenzic

Carl Sagan once advised the public to “never underestimate the power of exponential.” It was sound advice. Unfortunately, as with so much other wise counsel, it is easy to dismiss. You shouldn’t. Consider just a few recent examples of exponential growth. In 1998, a small Silicon Valley start-up was conducting 25 million web-based searches a…

The Air Force Needs to Unlearn

Posted in Aviation, Current Affairs, Defense, Military_, Politics

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting review of the book, Mr. Gatling’s Terrible Marvel, a while back. It is a history of the world’s first machine gun. Interestingly, although the gun was patented during the Civil War and Mr. Gatling urged the Union Army to adopt it—arguing that it would "save lives, wounds and…

Ask a New Question

Posted in Defense, General, Military_, Robotics

On my other blog, www.jumpthecurve.net, I have a posting entitled "The Future of War: Ethical Robots?" in which I challenge conventional thinking. I started with the basic assumption that most people are uncomfortable, if not downright quesy, with the idea of robotic warriors. However, one of the best ways of unlearning something is by simply…

Unlearning War (with Robots)

Posted in Defense, Robotics

From how we and our enemies fight futures wars to what it means to wage war, robotics are poised to transform virtually every aspect of war. The transformation will require generals, admirals, politicians and even citizens to unlearn much of what we currently think about war. Below is an excellent TED presentation from P.W. Singer,…

The Future of War

Posted in Defense

In 2005, I wrote a book on General George C. Marshall entitled ”Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall.” One of my favorite quotes of Marshall’s is the advice he pounded into the heads of his junior officers: ”Study the first six months of the next war.” It was great advice in the…


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