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Is the Future Weirder Than We Can Suppose?

Posted in Business as Unusual, Do the Impossible, Future, Future Proof, Futurist

“My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” The above quotation is from J.B.S. Haldane, a 20th Century British geneticist, and I have always enjoyed it because it elegantly captures the idea that even our imaginations are limited in their ability to “suppose.”…

Illuminating the Future

Posted in Construction, Do the Impossible, Food, Future, Futurist

In his wonderful book, The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, Matt Ridley reminds us that the amount of artificial light produced with an hour of work has increased a staggering 43,200-fold since the recording of the first sesame-oil lamp in Babylon in 1750 BC. Here’s another way to think of this: In 1750 BC it…

The Future of the eBook

Posted in Change, Disruptive Technology, Do the Impossible, Education, Higher Education

I’m in Princeton, New Jersey today to deliver a keynote presentation on the future of the eBook. Many people want to know if “the book is dead?” That’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question is this: Has the book ever been more alive?

Develop a Future Bias

Posted in Do the Impossible, Future, Futurist, Other, Weak Signals

In my 2008 book, Jump the Curve, I make the case that one strategy for “jumping the curve” and helping your organization innovate into the future is to “develop a future bias.” A future bias is the opposite of “hindsight bias” and hindsight bias is, quite simply, the idea that after an event occurs most…


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