Jack Uldrich
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Driving Faster into the Future with Supercomputers

Posted in Business, Computer/Semiconductor, Energy, Exponential Executive, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Healthcare Futurist, Trends

“Titan will be used for a variety of important research projects, including the development of more commercially viable biofuels, cleaner burning engines, safer nuclear energy, and more efficient solar power.” So states a recent press release from Cray announcing the creation of a new supercomputer capable of between 10 and 20 quadrillion calculations per second….

Shedding Some Light on the Coming Genomic Revolution

Posted in Aging Services, Agriculture, Cancer, Disruptive Technology, Exponential Executive, Future, Futurist, Genomics, Health Care, History, Impossible, TED Talks

Twenty-two hundred years ago, you needed to work 50 hours to buy an hour of light from a sesame oil lantern. Today, to purchase an hour of an even cleaner and brighter light, it takes the average person about half a second. Such is the nature of technological progress. Yet, I think we can all…

A Futurist Foresees 1000-Fold Increase in Robotics

Posted in Agriculture, Business, Exponential Executive, Futurist, Health Care, Manufacturing, Robots

This past spring, I discussed (in the video below) how the field of robotics could grow 1000-fold in the coming decade. In practical terms, I said this meant that certain industries use of robotics would increase “from thousands of robots to millions.” At the time, my prediction was met with skepticism by some in the…

The Leader Who Created a Better Future

Posted in Exponential Executive, Leadership, Other

It has been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. To this end, I have said on numerous occasions that one of the finest leaders (and futurists) of the 20th century was General George C. Marshall. Why? Because it is largely the result of his visionary leadership that America…


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