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Unlearning Porn

Posted in Adult, Film, General

Posted below is a 4-minute TED video by Cindy Gallop discussing porn. The video has some explicit language and the topic, obviously, is not for everyone; but it does fit well within the topic of unlearning because as, Gallop states, “pornography has become the de facto sex education” for many young men.   I also like…

Unlearning “Ten”

Posted in Advertising, Creativity, Culture, Design, Film, Games, General, Hollywood, Humor, Sports

Check out the logo of the Big Ten Conference to the left. Do you notice anything? Do you see the number "11" embedded on both sides of the "T"? I never did and I live in Minnesota and am a big fan of the Big Ten conference (as evidenced by this recent post on Ohio…

Unlearning Hollywood

Posted in Business, Creativity, Culture, Film, General, Hollywood, Quiz, Unlearn Strategy

In today's Wall Street Journal there is an article entitled "Hollywood Hits the Books." The second paragraph of the article begins with this sentence, " Hollywood is racing to adopt novels, comics, and children's stories, as the ability of movie stars to draw audiences wanes." I have added an emphasis on the final part of…

A Powerful Lesson in Unlearning

Posted in Business, Creativity, Culture, Education, Film, General, Innovation, Quotes, Stories, Unlearning 101 Episodes

Perhaps it is because I, myself, attended a private boarding school that the scene posted below from Dead Poet’s Society appeals to me, but I’d like to encourage any interested in the concept of unlearning to take four minutes and also watch it. The “unlearner,” as Robin Williams’ character so eloquently says, “Must constantly look…

Unlearning the Past

Posted in Business, Culture, Film, Future, Hollywood, Jump the Curve, Telecommunications

Sometimes it is hard to forget how much change we have experienced in the recent past. To better help illustrate the point, I’d like to show you two photos. The top photo is from the 1991 hit movie, Pretty Woman. To demonstrate that Richard Gere’s character was a super successful businessman they showed him using…


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