Jack Uldrich
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Doctor Heal Thyself … By Unlearning

Posted in Genomics, Health Care, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical

When physicians are asked to state the relative risks of classical predictors of heart disease (such as smoking or diabetes) many, according to this article, are likely to cite a figure of between "10 to 15 times." This is not only wrong, it is dangerously wide of the mark. Most of the predictors have only…

Paris, Big Mamma and Ineffective Advertising

Posted in Advertising, Business, Business Models, Example, Hospitals, Retail, The Way We See the Problem

I recently had the pleasure of going to Paris on vacation and happened to use the city's fine subway system on a daily basis. One of the things that struck me as odd was the large number of advertising posters for Martin Lawrence's new "Big Mamma" movie. Now, to be honest, I can't imagine why…

Am I — and Your CFO — to Blame for Spiraling Health Care Costs?

Posted in General, Government, Health Care, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical

Earlier today I had the opportunity to deliver the closing keynote presentation at the Alabama Hospitals Associations' Annual Leadership Conference. Before my talk, I had the great pleasure of listening to Bill Ward, the director of the Master Health Administration Degree at the Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. At one point, Bill brought…

Unlearning the Hospital

Posted in Architecture, Construction, Health Care, Hospitals

For the past two days I have been in California working with a well-known construction company and architectural firm designing the hospital of the future. Due to the proprietary nature of project, I can't go into specifics with this post but I always begin such projects from the premise: What must we unlearn?   For…


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