Jack Uldrich
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Shedding Some Light on the Coming Genomic Revolution

Posted in Aging Services, Agriculture, Cancer, Disruptive Technology, Exponential Executive, Future, Futurist, Genomics, Health Care, History, Impossible, TED Talks

Twenty-two hundred years ago, you needed to work 50 hours to buy an hour of light from a sesame oil lantern. Today, to purchase an hour of an even cleaner and brighter light, it takes the average person about half a second. Such is the nature of technological progress. Yet, I think we can all…

The State of the Future: 13 Years From Now

Posted in Energy, Future, Futurist, Health Care, Impossible, Life Science/Pharmaceutical

The think tank known as The Millenium Project has recently published a new report, “The State of the World 2011.” One particular paragraph caught my attention because it reinforces a concept (accelerating change) I’ve been espousing for some time: “The coming biological revolution may change civilization more profoundly than did the industrial or information revolutions.”…

The Futurist's Dilemma: Partially Solved

Posted in Future, Futurist, Impossible, Keynote Speaking

“This is the futurist’s dilemma: Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable. Either way, a futurist can’t win. He is either dismissed or wrong.” So writes Kevin Kelly is this thoughtful piece. As a professional futurist, it’s a dilemma I struggle with on a daily basis as I help my…

A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible

Posted in Future, Futurist, Health Care, Impossible, Innovation, Weak Signals

The Economist is running a profile on one of Google co-founders, Sergey Brin. I have written about Google’s ability to jump the curve before (here and here). One of the reasons Google is successful and will continue to be is because, as Brin says, he and the company’s other leaders have a “healthy disregard for…

Think Outside the Box … Way Outside!

Posted in Change, Creativity, Exercise, Future, Futurist, Impossible, Innovation, Other, Weak Signals

Personally, I despise the saying “Think outside the box.” Nevertheless, as a result of exponential advances in technology people will need to learn to “jump the curve” in order to envision how different the future will be. To this end, I’d refer you to the graph to the right. If you are inclined to “think…

The Future is Cheap

Posted in Future, Futurist, Health Care, Impossible, Innovation, Utility, Weak Signals

With oil over a $100 a barrel and some analysts predicting it’ll go as high as $300, it is easy to think that the future will be more expensive than today. I, however, have a decidedly different take on the future, I believe it is going to be cheap—very cheap. For example, today’s Wall Street…


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