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Futurist Jack Uldrich's 2013 Predictions

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#1. First Heart A-Hack Victim. In January, an Arizona socialite will be charged with murder after it was uncovered she hired a former disgruntled employee of a leading medical device firm to hack into her cheating husband’s pacemaker and deliver a lethal shock to his heart. Shares of the company’s stock will plummet on the…

Preparing the Data Miner of the Future

Posted in Business, Data Mining, Future, Jobs, Retail/Marketing

In 2010, I outlined a list of 10 jobs of the future. Number 3 on the list was “data analyst.” In today’s Wall Street Journal, it was reported that business schools across the country are “unveiling analytics electives, certificates and degree programs, and other courses and programs” in the field. The reason is obvious. In…

10 Jobs of the Future

Posted in Business, Economy, Future, Jobs

Inventor: Until 1950, “inventor” was listed as an official occupation on the U.S. Census form.  The job title will soon return as a new industrial revolution—fueled by advances in material science, robotics; 3-D printing; information technology; and nanotechnology—takes root and unleashes a wave of new (and practical) inventions. Video-Book (Vook) editor: As electronic books and…


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