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Question Your Children in a New Way

Posted in Ask a New Question, Kindergarten, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Questions

As a parent, I want to encourage curiosity and creativity in my children. To signal my interest in their education, I frequently ask the question: “What did you learn in school, today?” It recently dawned on me that this is a most unsatisfactory question. I now ask one or both of these questions: “What questions…

Unlearn Now, While You Still Can

Posted in Education, Kindergarten

A while back I wrote this post: 10 Things Worthy of Learning in Kindergarten. Now, Forbes, has a similar article entitled Nine Dangerous Things That You Learned in School. It suggests you unlearn them. I concur.

Knot Unlearning … or Not Learning?

Posted in Adult, Behavior, Change, Kindergarten

The very first post I ever wrote on this blog explained the story of how I first came to appreciate the importance of unlearning. The piece (No Strings Attached) recounted the story of how I had tied my shoes “bunny ear style” for 37 years before I finally unlearned that habit and relearned how to…

Why Unlearn?

Posted in Analogy, Behavior, Change, Enlightenment, General, I Don't Know, Kindergarten, Lessons Unlearned, Metaphor, Unlearning Curve, Unlearning Lesson, Wisdom

The concept of unlearning might seem pointless to some people. So, too, might the idea of doing something that makes you uncomfortable. The surprising thing is this: If you do something out of your comfort zone, it widens your circle of comfort. It this same way, unlearning enhances your awareness of how much you don’t…

If It Looks Like a Duck …

Posted in Ambiguity, Beliefs, Illusion, Kindergarten

“If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.” Right? Not so fast. Take a good look at the picture to the right and tell me if you don’t also see a rabbit. Unlearning requires that we embrace ambiguity and let go of dogmatic beliefs.

Unlearning Learning

Posted in Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Failure, Girls, Innovation, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Paradigm, Parenting, TED

“Chief Unlearning Officer” Jack Uldrich discusses why teachers may need to unlearning what they think they know about teaching and learning.

Being Wrong Feels Like Being Right

Posted in Adult, Beliefs, Books, Failure, Genomics, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning, Paradox, Psychology, TED

Below is a wonderful talk by Kathryn Schulz, self described "wrongologist" and the author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. I especially liked this statement of hers:"One of the problems with being wrong … is that it feels like being right." This is so true and it is one of the reasons…

A Positive Spin on Negative Emotions

Posted in Behavior, General, Happiness, Kindergarten, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Parable, Spiritual, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

Have you ever considered that true happiness isn't found in the accumulation of more positive emotional experiences — such as buying a new pair of shoes, taking a cool vacation, buying a new car, securing a better job or finding a more attractive partner — but rather in the simple act letting go of the…

10 Things Worthy of Teaching in Kindergarten

Posted in Education, Kindergarten

10. Teachers (and other experts) can be wrong. 9. Questions are better than answers. 8. Problems can have multiple solutions. 7. If something goes without saying, question it. 6. The opposite may also be true. 5. Certain things can be true and false at the same time. 4. Adults see and hear the world differently…

Creativity Isn’t All in Your Head

Posted in Creativity, Innovation, Kindergarten, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Perspective, The Way We See the Problem, Think Like a Child

According to a new study ("Decisions for Others Are More Creative Decisions for the Self" in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin),  people are more creative when they're thinking on someone else's behalf. In other words, when you put yourself in the shoes of another person, you are more likely to come up with creative and…


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