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Rules? What Stinkin’ Rules

Posted in Culture, Journalism, Media, Politics

I really like the photo to the right. I have no idea if it's real or if it's photoshopped but it makes a powerful point: What good are rules if they can't be enforced. I was reminded of this point yesterday after Wikileaks released the Afghanistan War Logs. As the following quote from this post…

Video Killed the Video Star

Posted in Business, Communication, General, Genomics, Health Care, Internet, Media, Telecommunications

If a picture is worth a thousand words how much is a picture within a picture worth? That's the question every video provider should be asking itself because, like this famous picture from Pere Borrell del Caso, there is often more to a picture than meets the eye. Earlier today, I came across a new…

The News Industry Must Unlearn — Now!

Posted in Culture, Current Affairs, General, Media, Publishing

This past summer, on my other blog , I posted this article: To Survive the Future, the Publishing Industry Must Unlearn the Past . Today, I came across this excellent post on the "future of news" from David Martin. I strongly encourage you to read it and here are two excellent quotes from the article which I hope…

The World is Changing: Unlearn!

Posted in Advertising, Business, Computer Industry, Creativity, Culture, Education, Future, General, Health Care, Internet, Jump the Curve, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Politics, Television, Unlearn Strategy

Take a look at the pictures to the right. What's wrong with them? The answer would seem pretty obvious: they are upside down. But that is wrong. They are only "wrong" from your perspective. From outer space there is no up or down, so the globe can just as correctly be viewed from one perspective…

The Time to Unlearn is Now!

Posted in Advertising, Books, Business, Culture, Education, Future, General, Internet, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Politics, Sales, Telecommunications, Unlearn Strategy

This is the latest iteration of famous “Shift Happens” video with a focus on social media. If nothing else, it should serve as a reminder of to all of us why we must constantly unlearn. Enjoy!

Cathy Davidson on Unlearning

Posted in Business, Creativity, Culture, Design, Education, General, History, Innovation, Internet, Media, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Telecommunications, Unlearn Strategy

Earlier today I came across a tweet from a person (@riverblindmusic) in New Zealand who said that my post the other day (To Unlearn Learn to Disenthrall) was keeping him (or her) awake as he wrote a new song based on the word. At the time, I thought it was just a cool example of…

Unlearn Experience: Cultivate a Beginner’s Mind

Posted in Business, General, Innovation, Marketing, Media, Philosophy, Quotes, Unlearn Strategy

Thomas Huxley once encouraged people to: "Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.” I really like this quote because we can all benefit a great deal from "thinking like a child.” A…

Unlearn the Cellphone

Posted in Business, Design, General, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Nanotechnology, Publishing, Telecommunications

Technology Review has a good article on the extraordinary advances now being made in the field of flexible (and stretchable) electronics. It can sometimes be difficult to imagine both how these advances might lead to new products in the near future and why some product designers and engineers will need to unlearn many of their…

The Future Requires Unlearning

Posted in Business, Creativity, Culture, Future, General, Health Care, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Quotes, Unlearn Strategy, Unlearning 101 Episodes

Recently, I participated in the first-ever Ignite Minneapolis event. The format stipulates that you can discuss any topic you want but you must use 20 slides and you have exactly 5 minutes to make your case. Below is my presentation on why I believe unlearning will be just as—if not more important—than learning in the…

New Voice Recognition Technology Mandates Unlearning

Posted in Advertising, Algorithms, Automobile, Business, Communication, Culture, Education, Games, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Politics, Software, Telecommunications, Transportation

Late yesterday, Google released a very cool new mobile application which employs voice recognition technology. The question is not so much what the technology can do today, the question is what will the technology be able to do in the near future—and how might it require professionals in the education, health care, and a host of other…


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