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The Weight of Unlearning

Posted in Ask a New Question, Beliefs, Blog, Curiosity, Education, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Questions, Religion

What is the abbreviation for “pounds”? Did you say “lbs”? Congratulations, you are correct. Now, where does the abbreviation come from? It’s rather curious. None of the letters (l-b-s) appear in the word “pound.” What should be more curious is why you have never inquired into the matter (provided that is you don’t know the…

A Daily Truth

Posted in One minute unlearning, Parable

Dawn was approaching when the traveler beckoned the child to sit on a large rock along the shore. Minutes passed. “What are we waiting for,” asked the child. “Patience,” replied the traveler, “a truth will soon be revealed.” Moments later the first rays of the new day burst forth from the horizon. “Aaaah ….,” exclaimed…

A Wave to the Present

Posted in Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Parable

The traveler and the child were walking along the beach when a large wave swept over all of their past footprints. “What’s the point,” sighed the child. “It’s as if we were never here.” Looking ahead the child then added, “And future waves will do the same to all our next steps.” “True,” replied the…

Tomorrow’s Multiple Interpretations

Posted in Ambiguity, Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Behavior, Confidence, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning

There is no doubt the world is awash in information. The positive side is that you can find almost anything you are looking for. The downside is that it can all feel overwhelming at times. The one thing you can ill afford to do is accept that information with complete certainty because what you see…

Time to Unlearn

Posted in Change, Example, Metaphor, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Routine, See What Isn't There

On a standard Roman Numeral watch, what letters do the Number 3 look like? What about the Number 4? Did you say the Number 3 looks like three capital I’s (III) and the Number 4 looks like a capital I and a capital V (IV)? It is quite common to believe the face of Roman…

Balancing Requires Falling

Posted in Behavior, Creativity, Failure, Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Risk

Before Philippe Petit could undertake his daring 1974 tightrope walk across the World Trade Center Towers, my guess is that he fell off a lot of ropes while practicing. It might be obvious but it’s worth remembering that a person can only learn to balance by falling. Related Post Practice Intentional Imperfection

Zag Zig

Posted in Change, Creativity, Metaphor, One minute unlearning, Unlearning Lesson

It’s a common statement: “You’ve got to ‘zig’ when others ‘zag’.” It’s just as true then that you have to “zag” when others “zig.” What is often overlooked is that regardless of whether you first “zigged” or “zagged,” you may have to unlearn and “zag” back to “zig” or “zig” back to “zag.”

Lower the Bar

Posted in Behavior, Change, General, Less is More, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning, Paradox, Unlearning Lesson

It is conventional wisdom that if you want to achieve your goals you need to “raise the bar” or “shoot for the stars.” This works in some cases but I believe a more effective method is to “lower the bar” and start easy. For example, if you want to start a new exercise regimen try…

Being in the “I Don’t Know.”

Posted in Ambiguity, Beliefs, Change, Curiosity, Future, I Don't Know, One minute unlearning, Paradox, Quotes, The Way We See the Problem, Unlearning Lesson, Wisdom

Everybody likes to be “in the know.” The problem with this is that it’s an impossible goal to achieve because knowledge is being created at an ever accelerating rate. This knowledge creation is a wonderful thing but it also implies that our ignorance is growing even faster (in the sense that it is impossible to…


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