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Discharging Cancer

Posted in Health Care, Other, Regenerative Medicine

”It’s yet another demonstration that what was once considered hype [in the field of tissue engineering] is becoming a life-changing moment for patients.” The statement above is from this article in today’s Wall Street Journal discussing the landmark achievement of manufacturing a lab-made trachea and it is yet another indication of the extraordinary advances that…

Where’s My Change?

Posted in Change, Future, Other

“The downward trend is clear, but change advocates always overestimate how quickly these things will happen,” says Ron Shevlin an analyst with the Aite Group in this article on the future of cash. As a professional futurist, I’d say it is a great reminder that while technology changes fast, human behavior does not. This point…

What to Look for in a Futurist

Posted in Future, Other

If you are looking to hire a professional futurist for a consulting gig or a keynote speech, what should you look for? One thing you might want to look for is one with a little unconfidence. That’s right, unconfidence. I am currently reading Dan Gardner’s excellent new book, Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Are Next…

The Leader Who Created a Better Future

Posted in Exponential Executive, Leadership, Other

It has been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. To this end, I have said on numerous occasions that one of the finest leaders (and futurists) of the 20th century was General George C. Marshall. Why? Because it is largely the result of his visionary leadership that America…

A Cool Vision of the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Other

Airbus has recently revealed its vision of flying in 2050. In addition to the cool photo (to the right), the company expects “personalized zones” to replace the traditional cabin classes. (Unfortunately, it appears as though the overhead luggage bins will completely disappear in the future. No word on whether the peanut packages will get bigger…

It’s Personal: The Future of Health Care

Posted in Cancer, Health Care, Other

Adding to yesterday’s post about the continued advances in genomics, I’d like to this quote from this recent Wall Street Journal article, ”Major Shift in War on Cancer”: ”A pattern is developing at an accelerated pace where we are able to match genetic information about a tumor to a new agent and get results,” says…

Coming to a Phone Near You: Your Genome

Posted in Aging Services, Genomics, Health Care, Other

‘’It is not going to be long before every Australian will be carrying their genome on a smart card.” This quote is from Barry Marshall, a Nobel Lauraute, and echoes what I have been saying about the profound influence the sequencing of the human genome will have on society in the coming years.

Kwik Trip Charges into the Future

Posted in Automobile/Aerospace, Battery, Other

Kwik Trip (a convenience store in the Midwest) recently announced it would be installing free electric vehicle charging stations at 25 stores in three states. Critics were quick to point out the outlets only provide 110 volts—which won’t power a call for very long. This is true but it misses the broader point. Both rechargers…


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