Jack Uldrich
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Unlearning Learning

Posted in Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Failure, Girls, Innovation, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Paradigm, Parenting, TED

“Chief Unlearning Officer” Jack Uldrich discusses why teachers may need to unlearning what they think they know about teaching and learning.

5 Ways to Make the Familiar Strange

Posted in General, Illusion, Innovation, Kindergarten, Paradigm, Theatre, Unlearn Strategy

One method of unlearning is to make the familiar strange. It's not as paradoxical as it may seem. Here are simple five ways to do it: 1. Turn a familiar object upside down. Remember the opposite may also be true. 2. View an object from a different perspective. (Look at picture to the right. Now…

Big Problems Don’t Always Require Big Fixes

Posted in Agriculture, Automobile, Books, Business, Creativity, Education, Energy, Government, History, Paradigm, Science, Stories, Unlearn Strategy

Big problems such as health care, feeding the world and addressing climate change don't necessarily require big solutions. In the 19th century, Ignaz Semmelweis helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women by getting doctors to wash their hands prior to assisting in the delivery of a new-born child. (Unfortunately, however, it still required the medical community…

Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?

Posted in Future, Paradigm

In his book, The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil states that “the rate of paradigm shifts is accelerating” and, at the current rate, “doubling about every decade.” This is an extraordinary development.   To help put some perspective on the matter, consider the opening paragraph from L. Gordon Crovitz’s article (From the Roman Codex to the…


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